At a glance

Retail Estates is a public regulated real estate company ('RREC' – ‘Belgian REIT’) investing in out-of-town retail properties located outside the largest cities of Belgium.
Its most important goal is to assemble, manage and extend a portfolio of peripheral retail properties, which ensures steady, long-term growth, due to its location and the quality and diversification of its tenants. The predetermined growth results both from the value of the asset and the income generated from leasing.
  • Number of shops
    Number of shops
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    % occupancy
  • Retail area m²
    Retail area m²
  • Fair value of the portfolio
    Fair value of the portfolio
  • Geographical distribution

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  • Growth of portfolio between 1999 and 2017

  • Commercial activities of tenants

Our portfolio for rent

Retail Estates seeks to have as many different retail sectors as possible represented in its list of tenants, with a preference for sectors known to have valuable retail outlets. In times of economic hardship, not all retail sectors are equally affected by a possible fall in turnover. A good distribution over various sectors limits the risks attached to negative economic developments.

  • Heerlen I en II
    The Netherlands

    Woonboulevard Heerlen is de grootste woonboulevard van Europa! 50 speciaalzaken voor huis, tuin en vrije tijd staan voor 120.000 m2 winkelplezier

  • Zwolle
    The Netherlands

    Woonboulevard Zwolle is een retailpark van 27.000m² met 12 winkels.

  • Leiderdorp
    The Netherlands

    De panden zijn gelegen op een retailpark met 40.000 m² aan winkelruimte en ca 220 parkeerplaatsen.

    Op het retailpark zijn 30 winkels aanwezig.


  • Cruquius
    The Netherlands

    Boulevard Cruquius is hét verrassende en veelzijdige (woon) winkelgebied in de Haarlemmermeer.

  • Braine-l'Alleud
    Braine l'Alleud

    Retail Estates renovated the retail park at Braine-l’Alleud. A few tenants are C&A, Maxi Toys and Overstock.

  • Crescend'Eau

    Retail park with total retail space of 22,000 m² and 920 parking spaces. A few tenants: Decathlon, Maison du Monde, Dreamland and Chaussea.

  • Kontich

    New commercial buildings with a surface area of 6,300 m² on the earlier Tierbau site. C&A and Bristol are still present, Zeb and Basic Fit are newcomers.

  • Schoten

    Commercial site situated at the Bredabaan, the best shopping area in Flanders. Tenants are JBC, Bent, Torfs and Broekenpaleis.

  • Lochristi

    Former antique shop converted into a 1,100-m² retail building. Leased to Damart and Augustijnskeukens.