Retail Estates invests mainly in retail properties located on the periphery of residential areas or along access roads to urban centres.

In conformity with the law, Retail Estates, as an regulated real estate company (Belgian REIT), is subject to specific regulations such as risk diversification, payment of a minimum distribution of the operational results and restriction of liabilities. Respecting these regulations, the company enjoys a special tax regime that consists of an almost complete exemption from corporate tax. Because of this special statute, the amount available for appropriation is higher in comparison with other real estate companies. As a Belgian REIT, Retail Estates nv disposes over additional trumps such as a diversification of the portfolio, and has an unlimited statutory period of establishment.

The board of directors is composed of representatives of a group of institutional investors, independent directors and the management, each of them has built up specific knowledge in the retail sector and/or real estate business. Consequently, all decisions about investments are made expertly and with a view to shareholders’ value. The Retail Estates share offers each shareholder a free negotiable investment tool that can be capitalised on Euronext at any time.